Pizza Melanze

Simply prepared with a handful of fresh and store bought ingredients
Cooking Time: n/a Makes: 4 Pizzas


• 4 x 250g commercially prepared square pizza bases
• Canola oil spray
• 15g Always Fresh Minced Garlic
• 125g potato, peeled, sliced, blanched
• 200g Always Fresh Grilled Eggplant, drained
• 120g thinly sliced haloumi
• 1 bunch fresh thyme leaves
• Sea salt, to taste


Spray the pizza bases with canola oil, and spread with garlic.

Top each pizza with potato slices, salt and thyme leaves.

Top with eggplant and haloumi.

Bake at 220C for 10-15 minutes, or until golden brown and piping hot.


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